Anonyme asked: What do you think about Dianna's pics at Coachella? I mean, the pics with the guy. Do you thik that is one more PR or is serious this time?

I don’t know and I don’t care because once again, it doesn’t change my opinion on things.

xxxxnikkigorawrxxxx asked: :P I just stumbled upon your page and now I'm loving it

Thanks :) Glad you do!

so-many-ships-1605 asked: I just found your blog and OMG it's amazing! I just spent like almost 2 hours looking through literally everything on it! I'm glad there are pages like this dedicated to Faberry/Achele! It's so awesome thank you :)

Thanks :)

↳ With fans.

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Anonyme asked: Do you ever ship Brittana or Heya ever, or you're straight away more interested in Faberry and Achele? If yes, why and why not? :-D

No I’ve never shipped Brittana or Heya. I’ve always cared for Dianna and Lea only. Like I don’t hate Naya or Heather but I’ve never been interested in them. As for Heya, well I’ve never feel like they were as close as Lea & Dianna were and are. Sure they’re friends but I don’t see anything else. And Brittana it’s lack of interest in the characters. I’m not a big fan of Brittany and IDK I’ve never really been excited for them. I don’t hate them either but I don’t ship them and I don’t care if they’re together or not. I’m really only interested in Faberry/Achele.

Anonyme asked: Do you believe they're still friends or they're a couple? I mean... have so many facts to believe that they're still a couple. ## sorry my english xD ##

Yes I believe they’re still friends. As for more than friends, this is my opinion.

Anonyme asked: Have you heard the rumours that Lea is bisexual?

I have, and I think that “the rumours”  can be deleted from your sentence. ^^ There’s a small post with some of the stuff showing it. Then if you meet some Lea fans that knew her during her Broadway time, they’ll tell you it was common knowledge back then. She apparently dated a girl for a year.

quatorz asked: On Lea and Dianna on Faberry topic: given that it probably was frowned upon for them to endorse it (and I think that's a reasonable supposition; think of the whole debacle after the 'Likes Girls' shirt), then what they-and especially Dianna-did say speaks volumes because there's more then between the lines.

Oh I think so too. I don’t know about Lea, it’s hard to read her. But Dianna is a smart girl. Like I told a friend a few days ago, I think that Dianna values friendship a lot and isn’t the kind of people who think that you must end up with your high school sweetheart. So when she thinks about Quinn, I do think for her, the friendship with Rachel is important. One because it’s her only storyline that has some sort of continuity and two because it’s a friendship and it’s not romantic. (At least on the show). So I don’t know if she would want more than a friendship for Faberry and I don’t care, but I really think that that storyline means something for her. It’s not about getting back with a ex in a rushed ridiculous way. It’s not about being with another man who has money and seems well educated. It’s not about letting a man, but even just someone defining your life. It’s about growing up and being friend with someone that you didn’t think would be your friend one day. It’s about changing and helping that new friend, being helped by that friend. And I do think she values this, more than any of Quinn’s relationships on the show, which were all screwed btw. It’s not like one was better than another, they all had their flaws, so why Quinn would go back to a fucked up relationship when she could be single and enjoy her life with her friends?

Achele about Faberry.

So I was kind of sick of hearing haters saying Dianna and Lea don’t care about Faberry so I tried to post the times they talked about it. Lea is for sure less talkative about it (gotta promote endgame couple) but Dianna has always been nice to the pairing and their fans. So here you go, next time someone says she doesn’t care or find it ridiculous, you can show them. Oh captain, my captain.

Dianna talks about Faberry.
Lea talks about Faberry.

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I know! Would people like it? I definitely think our show could go there. It’s just about making it organic, which I think is why people have responded so well to everything.

Dianna Agron about a Valentine’s Day episode love with Lea Michele and a lesbian story line on Glee. (x)