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Glee Tour 2011

* GLEE TOUR 2011
  • This Glee Tour confirms that the HH aren’t choreographed at all. And we understand that, actually, what Lea & Dianna want in this song, is to have a contact, be able to touch each other, one way or another. Indeed, if sometimes the HH don’t happen, they replace it with other contacts. Sometimes we can clearly see it, like a hand on the shoulder or a side hug, but sometimes they’re more discrete and subtle like when they touch each others feet. Everything starts in Las Vegas, 1st concert and 1st HH. And it ends in Dublin, last concert, but not the last HH! You can find two videos combining all the STL of the Glee Tour 2011. VIDEO 1 & VIDEO 2.

  • And there, separately, you will find, according to me, the best moments of HH in each city!
- SAN JOSE : Lea “saves” Di from the fireworks that don’t fall at the right place, and then they look at each other singing and smiling. VIDEO
- CHICAGO : At HH time, Lea’s hand is busy fixing the microphone, Dianna gives her a little mic hit in the tight, as if “Eh eh I’m here!” and immediately, Lea stops what she is doing and grabs Di’s hand. VIDEO.
- CHICAGO 2 : Dianna waits a long time with her hand open and when Lea takes it, it’s violent! VIDEO
- NEW JERSEY 1 :  No HH, no tweets, nothing for a while. And then that evening, Lea tweets backstage that she’s watching “Lucky” and that she loves this performance. During STL, no HH but when they are about to leave the stage, Dianna puts her hand on Lea’s shoulder. Lea is surprised and turns around to Di who is already leaving. Later we will learn that a the end of the show, backstage, Lea & Dianna are having a long hug. After this, the HH came back.
- NEW JERSEY 2 : After some really sad shows, without HH or other kind of gestures, it’s the comeback ! But not easily. Indeed, they both want to take each others hand but can’t manage to do it and have a hard time. Finally, Lea grabs Di’s hand. VIDEO.
- NEW-YORK 1 : Lea’s hometown, no HH but at the same time, they do a heart with their hands to the audience, while looking at each other. They certainly have projected this gesture.
- MANCHESTER 1 : No HH but they are playing footsies. It’s Dianna that initiates the move and Lea follows, so happy and really into it, while Dianna is then more interested in Amber’s performance! VIDEO
- MANCHESTER 2 : Lea sings in Dianna’s ear : VIDEO 1 & VIDEO 2

- LONDON : Lea whispers in Dianna’s ear, she does the same and gives her a side hug. All this after Dianna missed one concert. VIDEO

  • Dianna having missed several shows, Lea is always there to remind us of Di. Indeed, in London, Lea takes Dianna’s seat in the choir room when Gwyneth Paltrow comes has a guest to sing “Forget you”. She wears yellow, as Dianna used to and she does the same choreography with Chord that Dianna used to do. This replacement is certainly one the most beautiful gesture of this Glee Tour. VIDEO HERE Also, when Dianna was missing in Dublin during STL, Lea prefers to hold the hand of “air” and does a side hug to “air” as if Dianna was there. On the same day, she tweets that the show is not the same without Di. TWEET + VIDEO 3:05 + PHOTO

  • DUBLIN : This city is just magical, a miracle, perfection! Oh god! 
    Well, where should I start ? We are gonna go from the “least” to the “best”. As we say, let’s keep the best for the end !

    - "Empire State of Mind" Di & Lea run into each other laughing. GIF

    - In backstage of Safety Dance, we can see Lea pausing for a picture… And who is on the other side of the camera ? Dianna of course ! VIDEO + GIF

    - During “Happy Days Are Here Again / Get Happy” we can see Dianna singing along with Lea. This video is focused on Dianna but we can imagine Lea on the other side. VIDEO 

    - "River deep, Mountain high" : Lea comes dancing with the rest of the cast. We can see Dianna trying to teach her the choreography, and Lea doesn’t care and does what she wants. + A short video where they dance side by side VIDEO.

    - "Born this way" :
    VIDEO of the first time
    VIDEO of the second time 0:20
    VIDEO of the second time, 0:28 (other angle)

    Anecdote : Lea’s T-shirt isn’t the one she wears in Glee and has been made with black rubber band by….Dianna! Who tweets on this day regarding the said T-shirt : TWEET + PHOTO SHIRT

    - "I wanna hold your hand" : They meet on stage and share a really lovely hug! VIDEO 1 - VIDEO 2, from another angle - PHOTO

- STL 1 : In london, when Dianna was missing, Chord “replaced” her holding Lea’s hand during the song. This time, Dianna is there and is waiting for Lea’s hand. However, Lea and Chord must have planned a little joke, because Chord puts his hand behind Dianna in order to take Lea’s hand. Lea makes a meaningful eye-blinking to Dianna who suddenly realizes what’s happening. She looks between Chord and Lea, grabs protectively Lea by the waist and makes her twirl. One of the most beautiful moments. BEST VIDEO EVER - VIDEO 2, from another angle - PHOTO

- Last “magical” STL, a side hug, a kiss in the air from Lea. And as if it wasn’t enough, it’s time to close the journey started in Vegas. So they hold each other’s hand once again. At the end, when the lights are off, follow the shadows, you will be able to see Dianna’s skirt joining Lea (who just gave a hug to Jenna) and it’s their turn to share a hug. A very very sweet cast moment, and not only Achele, even if…Achele tops everything. VIDEO 1 & VIDEO, from another angle + Shadows PHOTO.

  • BONUS : The day after, some fans that were at the Dublin concert saw Lea, Dianna (and her Star Wars little lamb), and Theo at the airport. VIDEO. In New York, another fan saw them at the airport, heading into a car (we can notice that Theo goes in the front by himself while Di & Lea step in the back). VIDEO
  • In NYC, a fan followed Dianna and Lea in the airport, here’s her story. HERE
These videos are a bit in “paparazzi fan mode”. Regarding the first video, the two girls that shot it, have preferred not bothering them and not talking to them, thinking they might be tired.

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I want to hold your hand
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• River Deep, Mountain High

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